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Travel to Bizerte – Popular Mediterranean Port Town

Bizerte is one of the oldest and most European cities in Tunisia. Located at only 65 kilometres from the capital city Tunis, Bizerte is one of the country’s leading commercial ports. Its proximity to important port cities like Sicily increases its strategic value and makes it a popular Tunisian tourist destination. Bizerte offers visitors a wide range of hotels, restaurants and cafés.

Bizerte is the chief town of the governorate, located on the north-east coast of Tunisia, 15 kilometres away from Cap Blanc, the northernmost point in Africa. The city was founded around 1000 BC by Phoenicians and is known as the last town to remain under French control after the rest of the country won its independence from France.

Initially a small Phoenician harbour, the city came under the influence of Carthage after the defeat of Agathocles during the Punic Wars. The city was then occupied by the Romans, under the name of Hippo Diarrhytus or Zarrytus, was dismantled and moved to Utica.

Bizerte was successively conquered by the Arabs in 647 who gave it its current name, by the troops of Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire in 1535, and then by the Turks in 1574. The city then became a corsair harbour and struggled against the French and the Venetians.

Bizerte has a very diverse economy ranging from oil refineries to porcelain factories and is famous for its grapes and wines. Tourism is a year-long phenomenon, giving Bizerte the status of a very popular ocean holiday destination.

Bizerte has plenty to offer its visitors. Among them, there is the Lake Ichkeul, designated as one of only two Wetland Heritage sites by UNESCO; the Raf Raf beach, considered one of the best beaches in Tunisia; Route de la Corniche, where travellers can find exotic beaches and old European buildings; the seventeenth century Great Mosque, showcasing Bizerte’s Turkish influences; the Kasbah, which walls were built in the seventh century to guard the entry to the old port; and Cap Blanc, the northernmost tip of Africa, with hanging cliffs and clear blue water.

Bizerte has an active nightlife in the summertime, with live performances. A popular ocean-facing restaurant in town is Le Petit Mousse, offering delicious sea food.

  • Enjoy swimming and sunbathing at one of Tunisia’s best beaches.
  • Discover Turkish influence in the town’s architecture.
  • Take a trip to nearby Cap Blanc, the northernmost point of Africa.


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