Kerkennah Islands

Kerkennah Beach

Travel to Kerkennah Islands – The Land of Sun, Sand and Beautiful Seas

Thanks to its relaxed atmosphere and nice tourist villages, Kerkennah is one of the Tunisian places that are worth visiting. The islands offer its visitors fine beaches, hotels and restaurants (mainly at Sidi Fredj village and Remla).

Kerkennah Islands are a group of islands lying off the east coast of Tunisia in the Gulf of Gabes on an area of 160 square kilometres. The main islands are Chergui and Gharbi. The islands were originally called “Cercina” as, according to a legend, the witch-goddess Circe imprisoned Odysseus in the Islands, believing him too handsome to let go.

During the spread of the Roman Empire, Kerkennah were used as a port and look-out point by the Romans, to keep note of off-shore activity. However, after the collapse of the Roman Empire, Kerkennah reverted to the natives. To this day, Kerkennah has been relatively untouched by modernization and remains beautiful in its natural state.

For attractions, travellers can visit the ruins of Borj El Hissar; the Sefnou Island; the Gremdi Island; the Mkaren Khlifa Beach; Sidi Fredj; the House of Farhat Hached; Remla and the small fishing port El Attaia.

Activities in Kerkennah Islands

The Kerkennah Islands host two festivals, the Mermaid Festival during the summer and the Octopus Festival during the spring. Visitors to Kerkennah can also have fishing trips and a ferry ride out to the Islands.

Sfax is a nearby city travellers might want to visit.

  • Sunbathe in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Enjoy the freshness of the water and the intriguing fish traps during a ferry ride.
  • Explore a stunning location, enjoy fabulous seafood and meet warm and charming people.


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