Southern Tunisia

Travel to Southern Tunisia – Star Wars, Oases & Sahara

The region of Southern Tunisia borders Libya, Algeria and the Mediterranean Sea and is home to such renowned destinations as Chott El Jerid, Matmata and Nefta, as well as the vast and undulating dunes of the Sahara Desert.

The region is famed for being where much of the Star Wars was filmed such as the troglodyte houses in Matmata and the ancient villages in Tatouine; however, it is also a good base from which to explore the desert and Djerba Island.

In the Sahara Desert you can enjoy camel safaris lasting a few hours or several days, whilst on Djerba Island you can participate in an abundance of water sports.

  • Head into the Sahara on a camel safari for exhilarating desert adventures.
  • Visit Star Wars film locations in places such as Matmata and Tatouine.
  • See the largest salt pan of the Sahara at Chott El Jerid.


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