Houmt Souk

Houmt Souk Harbour

Travel to Houmt Souk – Djerba Island’s Capital

Situated close to the sea and all centred around/on beautiful and lively markets, Houmet Souk, de facto capital of the Djerba Island, attracts visitors by its simplicity and authentic style.

Houmt Souk is located at the north of the Djerba island. The town includes several districts respectively Taourit, Boumellel, Fatou, Thouirane, Binibandou and El Hara El Kebira. Houmt Souk is dotted with a port that was used until 1960 for the regular transport of passengers between Jerba and Sfax. It is currently turned towards the fishing industry.

Among Houmt Souk attractions there are the Mosque of Strangers; the funduqs that used to serve as hotels; the Jemaa Et-Turk Mosque, dating from the 18th century; the Zaouia of Sidi Brahim Jemni; the fort Borj El Kebir; Houmt Souk traditional souk and the Popular Arts and Traditions Museum. Visitors to Houmt Souk can also consider other towns on the Djerba Island.

  • Explore the surrounding area on the island.
  • Browse colourful markets.
  • Visit the Popular Arts and Traditions Museum.


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