Selja Gorge

Red Lizard Train

Travel to Selja Gorge – Amazing Red Lizard Train Journey

The Red Lizard Train is a “Belle époque” train, which was given to the Bey of Tunisia during the French protectorate. The train inches through narrow passages and tunnels dug into the gorges. Thanks to the train, travellers can discover Selja Gorge and Tabedit that offer a splendid landscape made of tunnels, canyons, rocks and oueds.

This astonishing western decoration was used by the most famous film makers such as Franco Zeffirelli and Harisson Ford, to great effect in their movies. The excursion takes 45 minutes one way from Metlaoui to Kef Eddour and includes two photo stops of ten minutes each.

Inside the Red Lizard train, there is also a bar that offers both, soft and alcoholic drinks.

The train is a unique reminder of an unhurried time and well worth the special detour from Tozeur.

Travellers can take taxis from the desert oasis-town of Tozeur to the dusty phosphate-town of Mataloui some 45 minutes away.

  • Enjoy a red lizard train ride and witness spectacular scenery.
  • Experience one of the most exotic tourist train rides in the world.
  • Marvel at the incredible scenery.


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