Travel to Tatouine – Ideal Base for Sahara Excursions

Tataouine is a district located in southern Tunisia, famous for its fortified Berber granaries called ksours. These abandoned settlements feature beautiful vaulted adobe buildings or ghorfas.

Throughout its history, Tataouine region had known the succession of many civilizations, mainly the Phoeniciens, Romans, Berbers and Arabo-Moslems. Arabs coming from the East settled there carrying on their agricultural activities and built thereafter Ksours on the mountains to preserve their harvests. In 1903 a group of nomadic tribes settled in this area and established the city.

Tataouine’s name became famous when George Lucas, Star Wars filmmaker, named Luke Skywalker’s fictional home planet Tatooine.

Tataouine is an ideal base for exploring southern Tunisian towns and villages and the bordering Sahara Desert. Among the attractions in this area, there are the Berber villages of Chenini, Douiret and Ghomrassen; the Ksar Haddada; the Ksar Ghilane; Tataouine former army prison built during the French colonial era; and the Medina, famous for its traditional Berber hand woven tapestries.

The city hosts the Ksar Festival every year in March-April that includes music and dance, enactments of Berber weddings and camel races etc.

Visitors to Tataouine can enjoy many desert activities such as quad rides, camel riding, and camping.

  • Enjoy the desert oasis where you can camp in traditional Bedouin style.
  • Explore desert villages and discover nomads’ way of life.
  • Enjoy quad raids in the Grand Erg Oriental dunes.


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