Located in Southern-Central Africa and commonly referred to as ‘the last true wilderness’, Angola is slowly finding her feet after decades of instability and unrest.  Not yet on the list of ‘must-see countries’, travel to Angola is adventurous and challenging with almost non-existent road conditions in many places and a distinct lack of infrastructure.

Divided into 18 provinces and with Luanda as its capital, Angola has big geography attracting intrepid travellers in search of contrasting natural wonders and scenery.  An Atlantic coastline stretches for over 1,650 kilometres and mighty rivers flow into wide estuaries depositing highland sediments to form numerous small islands, bays and sandbanks where excellent beaches can be found.

The geography and climatic characteristics of the land provide Angola with avast diversity of wildlife and botanical species in Angolan National Parks slowly regenerating and repopulating.

Top Destinations in Angola

Leba Pass

Iona National Park


Foz do Cunene

Kissama Nature Reserve

Namibe Dunes



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