Foz do Cunene

Foz do Cunene - local children

Enjoy the contrasts of sand dunes, rocky plains, thick riverine vegetation and the sea at Foz do Cunene. The Cunene River flows through this part of the country and is a large perennial river that forms part of the boundary between southwestern Angola and Namibia. It is bordered by lush vegetation which forms striking contrasts with the surrounding desert. The settlement of Foz do Cunene is situated on the banks of the river 6 km from the sea and is within the vast Iona National Park.

The settlement was built to house the operators of a pump station which supplied water to the fishing town on the peninsula of Baia dos Tigres. When the sea broke through the isthmus of the peninsula in the 1970’s the water line was severed. Tigres became an Island overnight with no water supply, Tigres and the pump station at the Cunene river mouth were abandoned, and have become ghost towns slowly being reclaimed by the desert.


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