Namibe Dunes

Namibe is known as one of the cleanest and best kept towns in Angola. This port town has a strong fishing community which supplies much of the country with fresh and dried fish. Namibe harbour is lined with sandstone cliffs falling into the Atlantic and the harbour is key to the economy of southern Angola as all imports come through the port.

Namibe is the capital city of the Namibe Province of Angola.  The Namibe area covers the south western corner of Angola and includes the Iona National Park.

The major attraction of Namibe has to be the towering golden sand dunes which stretch for over 200 kms along the coast and easily rival the dunes of Namibia, together with the surrounding flora and fauna.  The area is home to leopards, cheetah, mountain zebra, antelope and numerous bird species.

  • Explore vast towering sand dunes.
  • Immerse yourself in local life by the thriving fishing harbour.


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