Nata Bird Sanctuary

Nata Bird Sanctuary

Travel to Nata Bird Sanctuary – Desert Haven for Birdlife

Located close to the small village of Nata is the Nata Bird Sanctuary (230 sq. km), an important local community project and a haven for birdlife with over 165 species. During the rainy season the northern region of Sowa Pan fills with water carried by the Nata River, attracting a variety of water birds and providing an ideal breeding ground for flamingoes and pelicans.

Sowa Pan with its unique beauty and beaches of rolled quartz pebbles also offers good birding opportunities. Sowa Spit, Botswana’s soda ash industry mines on part of the pan. Eastern Ntwetwe Pan, renowned for its fascinating landscapes and beautiful sunsets, is also worth visiting.

Safari game drives are an ideal way to experience the Sanctuary. Visits can be arranged locally from nearby accommodation in the small village of Nata, or travel as part of a longer Botswana safari.

Find a shady tree and enjoy the ever-changing landscapes.

  • A local community managed reserve
  • An important breeding ground for Flamingoes and Pelicans
  • Beautiful landscapes and sunsets at Eastern Ntwetwe Pan


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