Chobe River

Tranquil Chobe River

The Cuando River is sourced in the highlands of Angola then flows south into Namibia. Some 10,000 years ago, the Cuando continued south to Lake Makgadikgadi, but now the river makes a sharp left turn east along the border with Botswana. Beginning at this point the river is known as the Linyanti River.

The river flows through a seasonal lake, Lake Liambesi. Beyond Liambesi, the river is known as the Chobe River. The river then flows into the Zambezi. Flowing along the northern edge of Chobe National Park, the river and its valley provide a great backdrop for enjoying a safari game drive in search of wilderness and wildlife. Motor cruising and river safaris are also popular activities, available from either Kasane or one of the luxurious riverside lodges.


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