Drotsky’s Caverns

Drotsky's Caverns

Travel to Drotsky’s Caverns – Remote Caves of the Kalahari

A destination for real adventurers, Drotsky’s Caverns lie some 290 km from Maun, an arduous drive of about 8 hours, initially on tar then through thick Kalahari sand. Long since discovered by Bushmen, it was Martinus Drotsky who was introduced to these truly remote caves in 1934.

After millions of years of shaping by ancient flowing waters, an extraordinary landscape of stalactites and stalagmites now remains for those experienced and sensible enough to enter the cave system. No fixed accommodation is available at the caves, so most travellers set up camp nearby for which it is essential to be fully self-sufficient. Currently there are no local guides at the caves.

  • Remote place of interest for real underground cave-enthusiasts
  • Extraordinary landscape of stalactites and stalagmites
  • Self-sufficiency and wilderness camping only


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