Chief’s Island

Chief’s Island derives its name from its earlier use as the Botswana royal household’s private hunting ground. It was donated to Moremi Game Reserve in 1973. It is a sand and Mopani tongue that extends northwestwards to Guma Lagoon and is bounded by the Santanabidi River in the south and Mborogo River in the north. It comprises some 33% of Moremi’s total area.

Chief’s Island is not generally accessible by vehicle. It must be accessed by aircraft or boat. There are no camping facilities on Chief’s Island, but there are numerous five-star luxury lodges on the edges of the island, including, but not exclusively Mombo Camp, which ranks among Africa’s four best game viewing areas.

Chief’s Island has elephants, buffalo, and recently reintroduced rhinoceros. There is a high concentration of leopard and wild dog. Camp vehicles are allowed off road. Almost all wild dog documentaries are filmed in this area.


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