Travel to Mafeteng – Small Border Town

Mafeteng is the capital city of Mafeteng District in Lesotho. It is located about 60 kilometres south of Maseru and has a population of approximately 36,000. The South African border town to Mafeteng is Wepener.

The town is said to be named after an early visitor, Emile Roland, who was nicknamed “Lefeta,” literally meaning “traveller” or “passer-by.” Mafeteng translates to English as “The place of the passers-by.”

During the Gun War of 1880/81 a great deal of fighting took place near Mafeteng. The cemetery, located near Mafeteng’s Bantu Stadium, contains an obelisk in memory of members of the Cape forces who fell in action in the area.

One of the sights in Mafeteng remains the Diphiring Mill, a fully working roller mill established outside the town by Mr. William S. Scott in 1912 and currently operated by the Osborne Family, millers by trade. The whole mill is run off a single engine by an intricate pulley system. Basotho people use the mill to process maize, wheat, millet and other grains.

The main street has a scattering of shops that carry limited supplies, while road-side stalls sell fruit and vegetables. You can shop here and meet the locals.

The hotels are the center of the town’s limited nightlife: each has a public and a private bar in which to relax.

  • Stock up on supplies before heading to other rural destinations.
  • Visit the Diphiring Mill.
  • Browse the busy markets and meet the locals.


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