Travel to Maseru – Lesotho’s Capital

Maseru is the capital of Lesotho. It is also the capital or camptown of the Maseru District. Located on the Mohokare River, bordering South Africa, Maseru is Lesotho’s only sizable city, with a population of approximately 227,880. Although there isn’t a huge deal to see in Maseru, it is well worth stopping here upon entry into Lesotho to stock up before venturing further in (where there are very, very few Western shops).

The city was established as a police camp and assigned as the capital after the country became a British protectorate in 1869. When the country achieved independence in 1966, Maseru retained its status as capital. The name of the city is a Sesotho word meaning “place of the red sandstone”.

There is not a huge deal to see in Maseru, as the city is essentially a base for expeditions and travels deeper into Lesotho. However, you can visit The Mokorotlo; one of the country’s most monumental buildings which is a traditional hut built in a modern sophisticated style, it is a virtual museum where you can learn more about the cultures and tradition of the friendly Basotho nation, The Basotho Hat shop at the city’s entrance which is popular for souvenirs and the Maluti Mountains which are located a short distance from Maseru.

Activities that visitors can enjoy here are golf and tennis in one of the resorts, canoeing on the Caledon River and hiking up the hill behind the Lesotho Sun Hotel, here you will be rewarded with spectactular views, especially if you go to see the sunset there. The climb takes approximately 30 minutes. You can also trek in the nearby Maluti Mountains.

The best way to get around Maseru is by taxi although it is possible to get around some areas on foot.

  • Hike and canoe amidst spectacular scenery.
  • Visit the fascinating virtual museum.
  • Shop for souvenirs and prepare for trips further into Lesotho.


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