Sehlabathebe National Park

Travel to Sehlabathebe National Park – Lesotho’s First National Park

Sehlabathebe National Park is the only designated national park in Lesotho. It comprises 6500 hectares at an average elevation of 2400m. The park conserves an area of high mountain plateau bordering on South Africa. Situated in the southeast corner of Lesotho, the main attraction of the spectacular Sehlabethebe National Park is its exceptional peace and solitude and its remote and rugged nature.

There are few animals in Sehlabathebe National Park, however, visitors may spot the rare Maloti minnow, the bearded vulture and the odd rhebok or baboon. Aside from this visitors can see beautiful waterfalls, the Orange River, sandstone formations, many small lakes and alpine flora.

Popular activities in the park include fishing and bird watching. Or for more challenging activities visitors can enjoy hiking and pony trekking on native Basotho ponies as well as camping amidst the spectacular scenery.

The best way to get around Sehlabathebe National Park is by four wheel drive vehicle especially when there is heavy rains.

  • Hike, fish and horse ride amidst beautiful scenery.
  • Camp in the park for a wilderness adventure like no other.
  • Spot rare wildlife species.


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