Travel to Thaba-Tseka – Lush Green Mountains and Valleys

Thaba-Tseka is the capital city or camptown of Thaba-Tseka District in Lesotho. It has a population of approximately 6,000. Thaba-Tseka was also the subject of the case studies in James Ferguson’s book, The Anti-Politics Machine, which identified the failures of outside initiated development projects. In Thaba-Tseka there are shopping facilities, a bank, a post office, various institutions of relief organizations and a hospital.

Thaba-Tseka is a fairly new town that came into being following the construction of the road from Molimo Nthuse, which joins the Hlotse to Katse road beyond Katse at Thaba-Tseka. As population pressure in the lowlands increased, Basotho began first to graze their animals in the Maloti and later to build villages. The earliest such village was known to be in existence by 1893, founded on a mountain known as Thaba-Tseka, ‘the mountain with a blaze’. Paray Mission was founded there in the 1900s and a trading store was built. A ten-year Canadian-funded programme then developed Thaba-Tseka.

The main attraction of Thaba-Tseka is its beautiful and lush green mountains and its sparkling rivers. The area’s mountains are adorned with traditional Basotho huts where it may be possible to spend a night with a local Basotho family.

Most visitors to the region come here to go pony trekking on native Basotho ponies. You can trek through the beautiful mountains before spending the night with a Basotho family in their traditional home.

  • Meet local Basotho people in their traditional homes.
  • Go pony trekking in the beautiful mountains.
  • Marvel at the lush green mountainous scenery.


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