Central Malawi

Travel to Central Malawi – From Game Reserves to Beautiful Islands

The region of Central Malawi covers an area of 35,592 square kilometres and includes 9 of Malawi’s districts. It borders Lake Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique and is part of the high plateau of Central Africa despite its flat terrain.

The region’s capital is Lilongwe and here you can visit the state house, a nature sanctuary and a wildlife centre. However, the region is also home to such destinations as Kasungo National Park; home to zebra, kudu and buffalo amongst others, Nkchotakota where you can take a pottery course or visit the game reserve and the beautiful Likoma Island.

  • See all manner of wildlife at the numerous game reserves and national parks.
  • Explore the capital of Malawi; Lilongwe.
  • Visit one of the inhabited islands in Lake Malawi; Likoma Island.


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