Dedza Mountains

Dedza Mountains

Travel to Dedza Mountain – Malawi’s Third Highest Peak

Dedza Mountain is one of the highest peaks in Malawi and at the mountain’s foot you’ll find the town of Dedza. The town consists of two parallel main shopping streets with a market at one end and a bus station at the other. The rest of the town spreads out around these covering a large area.

The mountain is the third highest peak in Malawi and here you’ll find hiking as well as several activities in the town of Dezda itself.

From the top of Mount Dezda you can see stunning views across Lake Malawi to Mozambique and also to the South Zomba Plateau and Mount Mulanje. Also nearby is a “cultural village” where visitors can experience Dezda traditions and see traditional dances being performed.

Climb Mount Dezda for incredible views or opt to take a more gentle walk within the forest. In the town visitors can visit Dezda Pottery where they can shop for locally hand crafted products.

There is a rough road, suitable only for vehicles with high clearance, that reaches almost to the peak of the mountain, otherwise you can get around the area by foot.

  • Trek up the mountain to see beautiful panoramic views.
  • Buy locally produced crafts in the township of Dezda.
  • Visit the “cultural village” to experience traditional ways of life in Malawi.


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