Kasungu National Park

Travel to Kasungu National Park – Malawi’s Second Largest National Park

Kasungu National Park is a national park in Malawi. It is located west of Kasungu and extends along the Zambian border.

Kasungu National Park, established in 1970, is the second largest in Malawi at 2,316 km² and lying at approximately 1,000m above sea level on average. It is located in the Central Region approximately 165km north of Lilongwe.

The vegetation consists mainly of Miombo woodland with grassy river channels, known locally as Dambos. A number of rivers flow through the park, notably the Dwanga and the Lingadzi and its tributary, the Lifupa, which creates an important spot for hippo surveyal in the park at the Lifupa Lodge. Kasungu is known for its population of elephants although it is threatened by poaching. Other animals native to the park include buck such as sable, roan, kudu, impala and hartebeest and zebra and buffalo. Predators in Kasungu National Park include, hyena, wild dog and serval.

There is also an information centre and museum which may be of interest to visitors. Activities here include vehicle game drives, guided wilderness trails, sundowner cruises and visits to archaeological sites. Camping is also available. Other popular activities are bird watching and wildlife photography.

It is possible to camp near the park which allows visitors to enjoy a truly wild experience, or you can stay in lodges where you’ll be able to relax at the swimming pool.


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