Likoma Island

Stunning Likoma Island

Travel to Likoma Island – Remote but Beautiful Island

Likoma Island, along with its sister Chisumulu Island, is in the Mozambican territorial waters of Lake Malawi/Nyasa. Both Likoma Island and Chisumulu belong to Malawi. Likoma Island is the largest of the two inhabited islands in Lake Malawi, set on the eastern shore of the lake, Likoma is a little piece of Malawian territory in Mozambican waters. Its history caused it to be retained by Malawi when the Lake was divided politically after World War II.

Likoma’s main attraction is St Peter’s Cathedral (the size of Winchester’s) in Mbamba Town which is over 100 years old.  In the cathedral you will see interesting features such as stained glass and carved soapstone. The north of the island is home to a forestry reserve and some beautiful beaches, you can also see large numbers of baobab and mango trees.

Up on the north point of the island is a forest reserve, near to some beautiful beaches. Or you can head across the island to Mbamba town and see the small cobbled market where locals get their daily supplies. If you fancy a spot of local cuisine head for the Hunger Clinic at the bottom of the town road.

There are very few vehicles on the island.  The best way to explore is by foot, bike or for the more adventurous hire a quad bike.

Numerous watersports are possible from Kaya Mawa, the main resort on the island, including water-sking, snorkelling, kayaking and diving.

To reach Likoma you need to either take a light aircraft flight from Lilongwe or board the weekly MS Illala  a 1956 tramp steamer.  It’s a 36 hour trip with a few stops on the way and is how the locals get out to  island and is always an interesting experience.


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