Travel to Karonga – Small Traditional Township

Karonga is a township in the Northern Region of Malawi which is located on the western shore of Lake Malawi and has a population of around 42,555.

Karonga is the northernmost district of Malawi, bordered by Lake Malawi on the East, by the Songwe River (border with Tanzania) on the North and the Nyika Plateau and highlands on the West and South. The district was isolated until 1981, when the national highway was extended into the district from the south. In 1988, a bridge was built across the Songwe, facilitating road contact with Tanzania.

The township population consists primarily of Tumbuka and Nkhonde speaking peoples, with small numbers of several other language groups represented.

The Culture and Museum Center Karonga is Karonga’s most popular attraction. It is home to the Malawisaurus, a 150 million year old fossil discovered 45 km south of Karonga.

Take the ‘Discovery Trail’; a trail which visits13 different stations such as the “Amstrong Gun” of WW I, the baobab that served as a sniper´s hide or the old “Mandala (Stevenson) Road”. Guides can be hired from the museum.

  • Walk the “Discovery Trail”.
  • Visit the Culture and Museum Center Karonga.
  • Absorb the local atmosphere.


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