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Travel to Viphya Plateau – Forests, Mountains and an Abundance of Birdlife

Viphya Plateau, the second-largest montane complex in Malawi, is possibly the best destination for those seeking a combination of stunning scenery and solitude. The area offers its visitors opportunities for various activities, besides a magnificent horizon where they can comtemplate magnificent sunset and sunrise. Visiting Viphya Plateau will certainely remain as one of the most memorable experiences in your life.

Viphya Plateau is a highland area that lies between Lake Malawi and the interior of Kasungu, running between Mzuzu down to Katate. The area is dotted with many rolling hills, peaks, river valleys, and forests, besides pine plantations.

The undulating plateau surface is covered with grassland, patches of primary forest, and residual hills. The montane streams are sources of the Luweya and Limphasa rivers and the Kasitu River. As a result of afforestation with softwood trees, a pulpwood industry has developed. Northern Viphya is used for military training, and southern Viphya supports tung and tea plantations.

A centre for a range of activity holidays is the beautifully sited Luwawa Forest Lodge. You can also visit Viphya Forest; the largest man made forest in Africa and the Viphya Mountains where you may see the olive woodpecker and the Red-faced crimson-wing birds.

Travellers can enjoy trekking and mountain biking. The area is also known for its birdlife so it is an ideal location for bird watching.

  • Visit a wonderful area that offers a combination of stunning scenery and tranquility.
  • Trek, mountain bike, and enjoy various other activities.
  • Enjoy walking along nature trails and bird watching.


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