Lake Malombe

Travel to Lake Malombe – Traditional Lake-side Life in Malawi

Lake Malombe is a lake in the southern part of Malawi. It has an area of about 450 km². In recent years the number of fishermen on the lake rose substantially, this led to local decline in some fish species, such as chambo.

It is said that the lake may once have been part of Lake Malawi as it lies in a depression that is, in geological terms, nearby. In the dry season the shallow parts of the lake evaporate and the locals use this new fertile land to grow sugar cane and maize.

There are no tourist attractions here however, you can see colourful cichlids in the lake and see the local people fishing which is a major part of their economy.

  • See the locals fishing.
  • Spot colourful cichlids in the lake.
  • See sugar and maize plantations when the lake evaporates in the dry season.


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