Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve

Mwabvi River

Travel to Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve – Remote and Challenging Reserve Trip

Thanks to its spectacular scenery with views over the Shire River and the Zambezi river, and the magnificent sandstone outcrops that give an almost lunar feel to the landscape, Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve is really worth a visit while in Malawi.

Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve is located at the southernmost tip of Malawi, right against the border with Mozambique. At under 350 square kilometres, it is the smallest and least accessible of the Malawian reserves. Nevertheless, the reserve has a wide variety of habitats.

The reserve habitats include Mopane, Combretum, and brachystegia woodland, as well as open savanna, dambo and riverine areas. Many species of antelope, including kudu, sable, impala and nyala are present. Leopard, hyena, buffalo, and lions from neighbouring Mozambique are regular visitors.

Travel through the park is only possible on foot or with a robust 4×4, the park is manned and walks can be arranged with the park staff.

  • Trek or enjoy guided walking tours in the reserve.
  • Spot numerous types of antelope.
  • Enjoy relaxing in this remote location.


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