Zomba Plateau

Zomba Plateau

Travel to Zomba Plateau – Hiking and Horse-riding in a Spectacular Environment

The Zomba Plateau is arguably Zomba’s most famous feature. In some parts, it rises to 1800m in height and is covered with vast tracts of African Juniper and Widdringtonia, and other mixed vegetation. The top of the Plateau is criss-crossed by streams and is dotted with waterfalls and still lakes. The hike to the top of the Plateau is a popular tourist activity.

From the top of the Plateau, it is possible to see Lake Chilwa to the north, Mount Mulanje to the South East and the Shire River to the West. You will also see cedar, pine and cypress and wildlife here includes leopards, baboons, giant butterflies, crested eagles and augur buzzards.

Hiking is the most popular option here and there are a number of trails. However, visitors can also do fly-fishing to catch trout or for the more adventurous there’s horse riding. There are also driveable tracks right round the top.

Relax in beautiful luxury hotels or simply take in the incredible views of the plateau and its surrounding areas.

  • Hike and horse ride amidst spectacular scenery.
  • Spot all manner of wildlife from butterflies to baboons.
  • Explore the nearby town of Zomba.


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