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Travel to Zomba – Gateway to the Zomba Plateau

Zomba is a small town in Malawi about 1 hr from Blantyre. It is the former capital of Malawi until Hastings Kamuzu Banda, the first President, moved the capital to Lilongwe. Most travelers visiting Zomba are coming for the plateau and the town itself has little for tourists but the people are welcoming and there is a large market in the center, where you can buy almost anything.

Just 40 miles north of Blantyre is Zomba, the former capital of the country and seat of government. In a beautiful setting below the plateau of Zomba. This town was the capital of Nyasaland before the establishment of the Republic of Malawi in 1964, and it is best known for its British colonial architecture.

The Zomba Plateau is arguably Zomba’s most famous feature. It is covered with vast tracts of African Juniper and Widdringtonia, and other mixed vegetation and it is dotted with waterfalls and still lakes. From the top of the Plateau, it is possible to see Lake Chilwa to the north, Mount Mulanje to the South East and the Shire River to the West.

Zomba has also some interesting buildings and monuments. Among them is the Cobbe Barracks, home to what were the King’s African Rifles (now the Malawi Rifles) and the clocktower that serves as their World War I memorial; the Gymkhana Club and old Residency of the first commissioner of Nyasaland which are wonderful relics of the town’s colonial past and the botanical garden and the wonderfully sited golf course that make the most of the lush low slopes of the plateau.

The hike to the top of the Zomba Plateau is a popular tourist activity. The hike takes five to seven hours to complete.

  • Hike on the spectacular Zomba plateau.
  • Visit memorials, gardens and paliament buildings amongst other attractions.
  • Shop for everything imaginable at the large local market.



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