Travel to Cuamba – Stop-over City for Malawi

Cuamba is a city and district of Niassa Province in Mozambique and it lies north west of Mount Namuli. Although it does have a few shops, cafes and hotels, Cuamba is primarily a stop over city for people who are travelling to other destinations such as Malawi.

Over the years Cuamba has become an important rail and road junction.

There are a few shops in Cuamba that sell handicrafts, clothing and food but the main attraction is the town itself which depicts traditional Mozambican life which is relatively untouched by tourists.

You can explore the town to experience typical Mozambican life but most people come to Cuamba to catch transport to other destinations such as Malawi.

There are a few cafes in which to relax or you can chill out in the evening watching the beautiful sunset that Africa is renowned for.

Cuamba is small enough to navigate by foot but bicycle taxis and public transport are also available.

  • Watch a stunning African sunset.
  • Experience traditional Mozambican life which is untouched by tourists.
  • Catch a bus to Malawi.


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