Manda Wilderness Reserve

Farm Project at Manda Wilderness

Travel to Manda Wilderness Reserve – Lake Malawi Lakeshore Conservation Area

Manda Wilderness is an area of Mozambique bordering Lake Malawi in the north west of the country. Before the wars in Mozambique, Manda Wilderness was one of the best big game areas in the country and has always been known for its biodiversity. At present hunting is illegal, and the wildlife that was decimated during the civil war is steadily recovering. Species found in the conservation area include buffalo, zebra, elephant, lion, leopard, sable and the rare African wild dog. The bird life is rich and varied. The crystal clear waters of the lake provide spectacular snorkelling and diving. The lake has over 1000 species of brightly coloured tropical fish, some of which have yet to be identified. Marine animals include two species of otter, occasional crocodiles and hippo.

A 600 square km game reserve has been created in alliance with the local communities to protect the wildlife in this wilderness area. The scenery varies enormously as you move inland from the lakeshore through acacia woodland, grassy plains bordered by streams and rivers and past deep rocky gorges. Species include sable, elephant, reedbuck, leopard and over 300 species of birds.

Activies at Manda Wilderness

Walking: There are a number of walks with varying lengths to suit all needs. A guide who is able to identify the vast range of bird species can either accompany guests or it is possible to take a map and explore the local area on your own.

Bird watching: The lake attracts a vast range of bird species. Some of these are indigenous to this part of Africa whilst numerous species pass through on their migration flights north and south each year. The lodge has several guides who are highly knowledgeable about finding and identifying the local bird species.

Relaxing: The perfect place to chill out and recharge your batteries.

Snorkel in the underwater world which opens up below the surface and meander through the rock pools along the lakeshore. It’s an enormous natural aquarium with hundreds of beautifully coloured species of fish known as cichlids. Lake Niassa has over half the world’s cichlids swimming in its clear waters.

Sailing is possible from Nkwichi Lodge which has its own private catamaran for guests who want to take advantage of the daytime breezes that blow onshore. Sail along the shore visiting local communities and visit a deserted sandy beaches to stop off for a quiet picnic and sunbathe.

Canoeing on Lake Malawi you may spot a pair of otters playing around on the rocks or diving underwater and see several of the lakes bird species.

Nkwichi beach offers the perfect place to relax, Nkwichi means “squeaky” and is named after the perfect soft white sand along the lakes shore.

There is a limited dirt road network in the reserve. Getting around is best done on foot or by boat along the lake shore.

  • Beautiful Sandy Beaches leading into a Turquoise Fresh Water Lake.
  • Visit local schools and community projects run by Manda Wilderness Community Trust.
  • Complete escape from the outside world.


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