Mozambique Island

Mozambique Island

Travel to Mozambique Island – Winding Streets and Historical Buildings

Island of Mozambique lies off northern Mozambique, between the Mozambique Channel and Mossuril Bay. With its historical and colonial buildings the area has been designated a Unesco World Heritage site and here you can visit churches, forts, chapels and various museums.
With its compact size making it easily navigable by foot or bike it’s an ideal getaway for those looking for culture combined with tranquility and relaxation.

Mozambique Island is the former capital of Portuguese East Africa and was a trading post for gold, ivory and slaves which was used by Portuguese ships on their way to India. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Mozambique Island is teeming with 16th century historical and architectural buildings, some of which have even been made out of coral. However, there are also a number of culturally important buildings to visit in the area. These include the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte which is the oldest European building in the Southern Hemisphere, Fort San Sebastiao, the Church of Miseriacordia & Museum of Sacred Art, the Governor’s Palace & Maritime Museum, the Capetonia & Old Port and the Church & Fort of San Antonio which dates back to 1820.

Once on the island rent a bike and spend some time exploring the area with its historical buildings and hidden streets. Or visit the seafood market from where you can watch the traditional dhows arriving in the mornings.

Mozambique Island is made up of numerous winding narrow streets which create a maze of sorts so what better way to relax than by exploring the area by foot and soaking up its charming atmosphere.

The island can be crossed in thirty minutes so it’s best to get around by walking or by hiring a bike.

  • Watch the traditional dhows arriving at the markets in the early morning.
  • Bike around the island exploring hidden streets and lesser known attractions.
  • Visit churches, forts and museums.



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