Niassa Reserve

Travel to Niassa Reserve – The Largest Protected Area in Mozambique

Niassa Reserve is a nature reserve in Cabo Delgado Province and Niassa Province in Mozambique and at 42,000 square kilometres; it is the largest protected area in the country. Niassa Reserve is twice the size of Kruger National Park and comparable to the total area of Wales and in the reserve you can enjoy bush camping and safaris as the area has some of the largest populations of mammals in the country.

Niassa Reserve was founded in 1954 while Mozambique was still Portuguese East Africa and it did not receive effective protection until the end of the Mozambican Civil War with the signing of the Rome General Peace Accords. Since then, the Mozambican government has set up management systems in order to protect the Reserve.

Niassa Reserve has a diverse landscape from rivers to miombo woodland and inselburgs and it is also home to Mozambique’s largest population of elephant and wild dog. However, also keep your eyes open for lions, leopards, buffalo, giraffe, grey and red duiker, eland, hartebeest, impala, kudu, sable, waterbuck, wildebeest and zebra.

The most popular activity in the Niassa Reserve is to book a place at a bush camp and then participate in game drives by day; however, it is also possible to go on photographic safaris.

You can relax at Niassa Reserve by booking to stay at a bush camp where you can experience the intense sights and sounds of the area both by day and night for a truly unforgettable experience.

You can get around Niassa Reserve by 4 wheel drive on organised safaris.

  • Spot game such as lions, leopards and elephants.
  • Get close to nature for the ultimate wilderness experience by staying at a bush camp.
  • Hone your photography skills on a photographic safari.


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