Banhine National Park

Banhine Hippos

Travel to Banhine National Park – Diverse Landscapes and Fascinating Wildlife

Banhine National Park is located in Gaza Province and covers 6,000 square kilometers. The park is part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area which links Mozambique with parks in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Established in 1972 it now offers superb game drives and bush camping for the ultimate wilderness experience.

Banhine National Park was originally proclaimed a hunting area in 1969, but was upgraded to National Park status in 1972.

Civil war in Mozambique destroyed much of its former abundance of wildlife; however, you can still see ostrich, kudu, impala, the rare oribi antelope, lions, leopards, nyala, reedbuck, sable, grey duiker, hippo and crocodiles. Also the landscape is equally diverse consisting of baobab trees, open savanna, mopane and miombo forests, rivers and the parks renowned wetlands.

Take a safari to see all manner of wildlife as well as varying landscapes before setting up a bush camp for the night.

  • Experience the wilderness of the park by spending the night at a bush camp.
  • See wildlife such as crocodiles, hippo and the rare oribi antelope.
  • Explore diverse landscapes including open savanna and wetlands.

Relax at a bush camp after a long day in the bush where you can experience nature up close for the ultimate wilderness experience.

You can get around Banhine National Park by 4 wheel drive on organised safaris.


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