Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa Warthog

Travel to Gorongosa National Park – A Variety of Stunning Flora and Fauna

Gorongosa National Park is at the southern end of the Great African Rift Valley in the heart of central Mozambique. It covers 3,770 square kilometres which includes floodplains, savanna, forest and Mount Gorongosa.

In the park you can participate in game drives, visit local villages and spot incredible wildlife such as hippo, lions and Nile crocodiles, all before relaxing and watching a beautiful sunset over the river.

During the 60s Gorongosa was a playground for the rich and famous and the park had an abundance of wildlife. However, the Mozambique fight for independence from Portugal and the civil war combined with poaching have depleted much of the wildlife. The park is now working to rehabilitate and increase wildlife in the park.

Despite the park having less wildlife than it used to there’s still plenty to see including elephants, Nile crocodiles (Africa’s largest crocodile), buffalo, lions, hippo, zebra and over 200 species of bird. There’s also constantly changing landscapes to view such as plains, savanna and forest dotted with fauna including baobab trees, lilies and gladioli. Not forgetting of course the dominating Mount Gorongosa.

Also on your way around the park you can see the traditional African villages that line the park’s borders.

Take a guided game drive either in the early morning or at sunset for the best chance of spotting wildlife as you travel across floodplains, through miombo forest and into the savanna. Or for the more adventurous visitor you can do a self drive tour of the park.

From the park it is also possible to take a 30-45 minute walk to the nearby Vinho Community where you can enjoy a boat trip before visiting the local school and hospital.

From the park it is possible to take a trip to Bué Maria where you can watch the spectacular sunset across the Pungue River. A perfect ending to a long day in the park.

You can get around Gorongosa National Park by car but it is recommended that you use a four wheel drive, especially during the wet season when roads may be impassable in any other kind of car.

  • Visit the local Vinho Community to see how the Mozambicans live.
  • Spot hippo, lions and elephants amongst others on a game drive.
  • Witness the beautiful sunset at Bué Maria.


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