Inhaca Island

Inhaca Island

Travel to Inhaca Island – Tranquil Beaches to Heart Stopping Activities

Inhaca Island is a subtropical island of Mozambique off the East African coast which separates Maputo Bay from the Indian Ocean. It’s the perfect location in which to relax, participate in numerous water sports and generally get away from it all. With its varied landscape from forests to beaches combined with its numerous activities both on land and in the water, it is the perfect piece of paradise.

In the16th century, Portuguese traders established an Inhaca Island base to ply the Bay of the Lagoon’s (Baía da Lagoa) rivers in search of ivory.

The main man-made attraction on Inhaca Island is the Marine Biology Museum. However, the island is teeming with natural beauty for visitors to admire, from unspoiled forests to sandy beaches and colourful reefs. As well as the local wildlife which includes numerous marine species, flamingos, pelicans and loggerhead turtles.

With so much on offer you’ll never be short of something to do on the island. Choose from taking a tractor ride to the lighthouse, mountain biking, parasailing or doing a two to three day hike on the island. And that’s before you’ve even set foot near the water. For water pursuits there’s scuba diving to ship wrecks, shark diving, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing. Or if that’s not enough you can always take a boat trip to the nearby Portuguese Island.

Inhaca Island is the epitome of paradise and therefore an ideal place in which to relax. In order to do this why not chill out on the superb beaches, browse for souvenirs in the local village or take a sunset cruise around the tranquil island.

It is not possible to take cars to Inhaca Island so you must get around either on foot or bike. Also there are boats and planes between the islands.

  • Visit the Marine Biology Museum.
  • Witness a spectacular African sunset aboard an evening cruise.
  • Participate in extreme sports from wreck diving to windsurfing.


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