Maputo Market

Travel to Maputo – The Capital of Mozambique

Maputo is the capital of Mozambique as well as being the country’s largest city and home to its most important harbour.

You’ll find few tourists here and so you’ll have the opportunity to experience the real Mozambique with its tree lined avenues, local markets and colonial buildings.

The attractions are diverse and range from wildlife encounters to museums and botanical gardens so there’s something for everyone.

Maputo used to be called Lourenço Marques until the independence of the country, in 1975 and it has been the capital of Mozambique since 1898.

One of the best attractions is located just outside of Maputo and is the Maputo National Reserve where you are able to spot all manner of wildlife including elephant, kudu and even whales and dolphins.

However, if you’re looking for a more cultural excursion then look no further than the Museum of the Revolution and the National Art Museum which is home to numerous displays of Mozambican art.

Also worth looking at is the Mercado Central in Baixa which sells all sorts of local produce and Avenida Julius Nyerere for its shops and boutiques.

Activities in Maputo revolve around the beach so why not take a short boat trip from Maputo to Praia da Macaneta for surfing or closer to the city is Catembe and Ponta d’Ouro which have good scuba diving opportunities. Then you are able to set up camp for the night right there on the beach.

Relax by day by browsing the local markets for traditional wood carvings, batik cloth and African fabrics as well as cashews, the country’s second most important export. Then by night visit one of the numerous restaurants with their international cuisine before heading to the bars, clubs or even the casino.

The city centre is navigable on foot but at night or for long distances if it advisable to take a taxi. You should agree a fare before your journey. There is also a minibus (“Chapa”) system which operates across the city starting and finishing in Baixa.

  • Spot wildlife at the Maputo National Reserve.
  • Take a boat trip to great surfing and diving spots.
  • Meet the locals at traditional markets.


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