Travel to Namibia – Desert Landscapes and Wildlife of South-West Africa

Although not as well known as some of its African neighbours, Namibia is a gem for those in search of true desert wilderness. Large and sparsely populated and located on Africa’s south-west coast, Namibia is a peaceful country attracting travellers in search of adventure, activity, discovery and wildlife holidays, tours and experiences.

Essentially a desert country, Namibia offers contrasting landscapes. The desolate Namib Desert is said to be the oldest in the world, with its high dunes and awe-inspiring sense of space. The central plateau, with its thorn bush savannah and rugged mountains, rising abruptly from the plains, gives way to the majestic Fish River Canyon in the south.

In the north of the country, landscapes range from dense bush and open plains of the great Etosha Pan, to woodland savannah and lush vegetation. The Etosha National Park, the third largest in Africa, owes its unique landscape to the Etosha Pan, a vast shallow depression with a series of waterholes which guarantee rewarding and often spectacular game viewing.

  • Experience the desolation of the Namib Desert and climb the high Sossusvlei dunes.
  • Search for big cats in Etosha National Park, the third largest park in Africa.
  • With the highest population of cheetah in the world, make sure you ‘spot’ one!
  • Get active on the Atlantic coast at Swakopmund with a wide choice of fun things to do.
  • Enjoy travelling in an African country with a good road infrastructure, well-equipped rest camps and excellent lodges.


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