Caprivi Strip

Travel to Caprivi Strip – Safaris, Wildlife & Wetlands

Often referred to as the ‘Caprivi Strip’, the Caprivi lies in the north-east of Namibia and is a narrow strip of land, 450 km long and up to about 100 km wide.

The Caprivi Region borders Angola and Zambia in the north, Botswana in the south and has its eastern tip on Zimbabwe. Four large rivers serve as boundaries and also traverse the strip of land. The Okavango River first forms the border to Angola, then cuts through western Caprivi and continues into Botswana where it disappears in the world-famous Okavango Delta.

The Kwando River divides western and eastern Caprivi, forms part of the border to Botswana and when in flood fills the waterways of the Linyanti River and Chobe River. The Chobe is the southern border to Botswana until it joins the Zambezi at Impalila Island, the easternmost tip of Namibia. The legendary mighty Zambezi from the north becomes the border to Zambia at Katima Mulilo. Further downstream, between Zambia and Zimbabwe, it plunges over the Victoria Falls and into spectacular gorges, and in Mozambique it finally reaches the Indian Ocean.

Visitor attractions here include the Caprivi Game Park and the Mahongo Game Reserve.

  • The Caprivi with its tangled system of rivers, channels, floodplains and relatively generous rainfalls is the only part of Namibia where water is plentiful.
  • Lush vegetation in the finest nuances of greens and yellows spreads out exuberantly, birds contribute dots of blue, red and yellow and the deep blue sky is mirrored in the water.
  • Take a safari and follow herds of buffalo and elephant as they move across the borders of parks and neighbouring countries.
  • Relax for a few days in a luxury lodge or camp on the banks of the Kwando, Linyanti or Chobe Rivers or even on Impalila Island.


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