Chobe River

Hippos in the Chobe

Travel to Chobe River – Abundant in Wildlife

The Chobe River offers visitors numerous activities as well as outstanding wildlife spotting opportunities.

The Chobe River rises in the central plateau of Angola and then flows southeast, along the border with Zambia. It continues across the neck of the Caprivi Strip of Namibia and then forms the border between Namibia and Botswana before joining the Zambezi.

The Chobe River area is rich in plants and you’ll see such types as riverine forests, floodplains, mopane and teak woodlands. Wildlife that you may see in the area includes elephants, hippos, buffalo, hyena, kudu, crocodiles and antelopes.

Visitors can enjoy game drives in the surrounding area or take a river cruise. Bird watching is also a popular activity here as there is over 350 species of bird found here.

  • Take a river cruise in order to see crocodiles and hippos.
  • Spot numerous wildlife species as well as over 350 species of bird.
  • Enjoy a game drive in the surrounding area.


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