Mudumu National Park

Mudumu Elephants

Travel to Mudumu National Park – Boat Safaris on the Kwando River

The Mudumu National Park is centrally situated on the southern edge in the Caprivi Strip bordering onto Botswana. The western boundary of this nature reserve is the Kwando River, while in the east it gradually blends into the communal area. Mudumu has barely been made accessible so offers a real Namibian adventure.

The sandy paths in the eastern parts can only be negotiated by 4WD and only during the dry season. The riverine vegetation is of a subtropical green. The exuberance is matched by an unbelievable diversity of bird life; more than 400 species are found in this magnificent corner of the world.

Mudumu was first proclaimed a National Park in 1990. In the 1960s the area was home to the greatest concentration of wildlife in the country, however during the 70s and 80s the area operated as a private hunting ground and much of the game disappeared, since 1990 numbers have increased again.

Depending on the season; elephant, buffalo and predators, including the very rare African wild dog, move through this area. Crocodiles and hippos are, of course, permanent inhabitants of the rivers and floodplains. The entire area is a bird watchers paradise with nearly 70% of Namibia’s total number of species spotted here.

The many waterways of the Kwando are best explored by boat but for a close encounter with nature you can also go on a hiking tour.

There are many beautiful locations in the park – ideal for absorbing the atmosphere and taking in the view or having lazy picnic lunches.

Due to local road conditions travelling with a knowledgeable driver/guide and private 4WD vehicle is highly recommended.

  • Mudumu and the banks of the Kwando River are a bird watchers paradise with nearly 70% of Namibia’s total number of species spotted here.
  • For a different perspective on wildlife, take a boat safari on the waterways of the Kwando.
  • One of Namibia’s lushest parks, a real contrast to the more arid parks of the west.


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