Katima Mulilo

The little town of Katima Mulilo became the administrative centre of the Caprivi Region in 1935. For many years, until Namibia gained independence, income in Katima was mainly derived from a South African army base that was located there. Military operations against the national liberation movement Swapo, which operated around the border area of Zambia and Angola, were directed from this town. After the army had left it was largely the small-scale border traffic from Zambia which put new life into the remote town. In May 2004 the old ferry across the Zambezi was replaced by a bridge which makes an excellent link through southern Zambia to Livingstone at the Victoria Falls.

In the centre of Katima Mulilo there is a modest market where women sell fruit and vegetables as well as dried and fresh fish. The small Caprivi Arts & Crafts Centre on the opposite side offers a good selection of handicraft, also from neighbouring countries. Items range from Geckos made from recycled metal to artistically woven baskets, finely carved drums and stylishly shaped pottery.

At the outskirts of town the Zambezi’s heavenly nature beckons: you can go on fishing trips, boat and kayak tours or enjoy yourself bird watching.


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