Etosha National Park

Cheetah in Etosha

Travel to Etosha National Park – One of the largest game reserves in Africa

The Etosha National Park & Game Reserve is one of the finest in Africa, in that it remains, to a large extent, free of human influence. The reserve is within the Etosha Pan, an area that makes game viewing a truly unique experience. When rains are good the pan fills with water draining south from Angola into a delta-like system of shallow rivers.

Etosha’s vegetation varies from dwarf shrub savannah and grasslands around the pan to thornbush and woodland savannah throughout the rest of the park.

The park is open throughout the year, during the dry winter months game is at its best when the natural pools dry up and animals converge around the artificial waterholes within the park. Park gates are open from sunrise to sunset and if you are staying within the park you must ensure you are back at your accommodation before sunset.

Namibia’s national reserves and game parks are owned by Government and managed on its behalf by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The park was proclaimed a game reserve by the German Governor von Lindequist in 1907. Expert game management and the protection of the unspoilt environment, makes the Etosha National Park one of the greatest and most important game parks on the sub-continent. Due to the carefully controlled size of the resorts, visitors experience the feeling of being truly in the wilds.

The pan in the centre of the park measures a huge 130km in length to 72km wide. The reserve is home to at least 114 mammal species, some rare and endanged, including rhino, cheetah and black-faced impala. Etosha’s elephants are the largest in Africa, the tallest measure up to 4m. Blue wildebeest, zebra, hyena, lions, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, antelope species and about 340 bird species are also found in the area.

There are excellent game viewing opportunities throughout the reserve, Etosha has about 30 springs and waterholes that provide excellent game viewing and photographic opportunities.

Etosha has three rest-camps within the park, Okaukuejo with its flood-lit waterhole offering night viewing of elephant, giraffe, black rhino and lion; Namutoni – built around a fort and Halali.

Etosha is accessible by tarred roads via the Andersson Gate in the central southern section and the Von Lindequist Gate in the east. Game viewing from your own car is possible, however due to local road conditions travelling with a knowledgeable driver/guide and private 4WD vehicle is highly recommended. Each of the lodges within the park have their own airstrip for private charter flights.

  • Excellent game viewing – comparable to the great parks of Kruger, Serengeti, Masai Mara and Hwange
  • Visit one of the many waterholes that provide excellent game viewing opportunities
  • A chance to see the biggest elephants in Africa


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