Kaokoveld Villagers

Travel to Kaokoveld – One of the few remaining truly wild areas of Southern Africa

In the far north-west of the country, Kaokoveld covers an area of 49,000 km and is regarded as one of the last wild and secluded areas in Namibia – even though tourism has increased considerably during the past years. As yet, traveling routes concentrate on a few villages and connecting roads. The largest part of this huge land, especially the west, is scarcely populated or not at all.

The varied, vast and incredibly silent landscape, home of the OvaHimba people, quickly casts its spell on every visitor. Steep mountain ranges dissect this country, with passes which seem unconquerable – like the famous Van Zyl‘s Pass. Wide valleys open between them and after the rains silvery-green fields of grass sway on their plains – like at Marienfluss. Far to the west a sea of sand dunes takes over, beyond which lies the infamous Skeleton Coast. Rivers meander through these semi-desert and desert scapes. They are seasonal, which means that they only carry water after sufficient rainfalls. Nevertheless they sustain people and animals in their meagre existence – like the Hoarusib or Hoanib River.

Epupa Falls on the Kunene river on the border with Angola are worthy of a visit, the river originates in the Angolan highlands and for 350kms forms the border between the two countries. It is one of the few perennial rivers in Namibia and is inhabited by crocodiles – swimming is therefore not advisable. The Kunene River meanders through rocky terrain, is torrential in places and becomes a rather wide stream when it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Because of its flora and fauna the estuary is strictly protected; amongst others, two rare types of turtle come ashore to deposit their eggs.

Visit a Himba village, canoe on the Kunene River or take a 4X4 excursion through the remote countryside.

Getting to Kaokoland is adventurous to say the least and only possible by 4×4 vehicles, the far north-western part should only be visited on an organized expedition with knowledgeable crew and there is nowhere in the region that resembles a road!

  • Visit a Himba Village
  • Canoe on the Kunene River
  • 4×4 drive through the remote and rugged countryside


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