Epupa Falls and Village

Epupa Falls

The Epupa Falls are among the many attractions of the Kaokoveld. Here bubbling masses of water in the Kunene River plunge into the depths with a resounding rumble. A scintillating rainbow hovers behind a veil of mist. An enormous Baobab clings to the wet, steeply dropping rock. Hundreds of Makalani palms line the river’s delta ahead of the precipice.

Epupa Village consists of a few huts and small houses, two adjoining tourist camps directly on the river – and the waterfalls. Before reaching the falls the river widens into a small delta. Besides the main channel, which plummets into a narrow gorge, there are numerous cascades of varying width. On the rock islands huge Baobab trees raise their branches to the sky. During the day there is ample opportunity to explore Epupa and the surrounding area on foot. Take a guided hike of several hours or just a walk along the falls.

Towards evening everybody flocks to the rocks opposite the falls to watch the sun go down. Photographers will revel in the endless array of glorious themes when daylight turns into dusk.

Apart from the picturesque falls, Epupa has an interesting geology – with the oldest rocks in Namibia. The Metamorphic Complex is between 2,100 million and 1,750 million years old and dates back to a time when two ancient continental plates collided.


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