Kaudom Game Park

Travel to Kaudom Game Park – Home to the Rare African Wild Dog

Kaudom (also spelt Khaudum) Game Park is situated away from the usual travelling routes in north-eastern Namibia and ends at the border fence between Namibia and Botswana. Patches of deep Kalahari sand make it difficult to negotiate in places, which probably contributes to the fact that Kaudom remains one of Namibia’s almost untouched areas. The park is dissected by Kalahari dunes overgrown with dry forest of varying height.

Visitors should take note that this remote park may only be entered in a convoy of at least two vehicles. This rule is foremost intended for your own safety in case of a break-down.

Kaudom was proclaimed a Game Park in 1989 and established to help preserve one of Namibia’a last true wilderness areas.

There are many types of rare wood among the deciduous trees, like Kiaat or Manketti. So-called omiramba (singular: omuramba) form green veins between the dunes. They are subterranean river courses which fill with surface water only during the rainy season.

Kaudom Game Park is particularly noted for its population of the very rare African Wild Dog. With a little luck you can encounter herds of elephant, gnu and roan antelope, hyena, leopard and lion. In the thick bush, game is sometimes difficult to spot, although bird lovers have more than 300 species to admire, including many birds of prey.

The main activity here is 4×4 game viewing.

Bush camps are located within the park, you will need to be totally self-sufficient to stay in these.

Due to local road conditions, travelling with a knowledgeable driver/guide and private 4WD vehicle is highly recommended.

  • Explore a remote and unspoilt game park.
  • Spot the elusive African wild dog.
  • See numerous species of bird in this bird watchers paradise.


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