Ondangwa and Oshakati

Ondangwa Lady

Travel to Ondangwa and Oshakati – Modern Northern Namibian Town

While the rest of Namibia strives to be European in Africa, the road to Oshakati leads straight into Africa. Although there are many similarities to the rest of Namibia, Oshakati is different in many respects. Probably the best way to describe Oshakati is to say that it is ‘a small African village that suddenly aspired to be New York’.

A glimpse of the visible manifestations of older traditional culture can still be gained at a couple of traditional villages and the museum, but the vestiges of this culture in the broader environment will only remain for a while. Oshakati is changing as rapidly as money can be had to afford change.

Ondangwa and Oshakati have almost grown into one during the past years. There you will find modern shopping centres, banks, hotels and ever a soccer stadium.

Translated from the local Oshiwambo language of the Owambo people, the name ‘Oshakati’ means “that which is inbetween” . The town was officially founded in 1966 and was used as a base by the South African Defence Force in the South African Border War. Oshakati is the administrative centre of the Oshana Region.

African character is preserved by the numerous stands and road-side kitchens lining the streets and by the markets which offer anything that the heart may desire – whether colourful cloth or a goat’s head!

Visit the Nakambale Museum, a short drive from town, based in an old missionary house it gives a valuable insight into the local culture.

  • Visit the Nakambale Museum.
  • Stock up on supplies at a modern shopping centre.


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