Waterberg Plateau Park

Waterberg Outcrop

Travel to Waterberg Plateau Park – Sanctuary for Rare and Endangered Species

Waterberg Plateau Park is situated 60km east of Otjiwarongo, 300km north east of Windhoek. The park is home to about 25 game species and over 200 bird species. Vegetation changes dramatically from acacia savannah at the foot of the plateau to lush-green sub-tropical dry woodland with tall trees and grassy plains at the top.

Waterberg was proclaimed a park in 1972 and was originally created as a sanctuary for rare and endangered species found in the Kavango and Caprivi regions such as roan and sable antelopes, tsessebe and Cape buffalo.

Below the rest camp, on the site of the historic Battle of Waterberg, is a graveyard, serving as a reminder of the turbulent times in the region.

The park is home to an impressive array of flowering plants including the conspicuous flame lily. Dinosaur tracks imbedded in sandstone can be seen on top of the plateau.

The Waterberg’s Okarakuvisa cliffs are also home to the only breeding colony of Cape Vultures in the country.

On a walking trail though the park, hikers will gain a valuable insight into the complex and fragile nature of the environment, with the added attraction of stalking game on foot.

Waterberg has chalet accommodation and a camping ground with restaurant and museum in which you can relax and unwind.

The park can be explored by vehicle or on foot.

  • Hike in this excellent location.
  • View dinosaur footprints on top of the plateau.
  • Enjoy viewing game on foot.


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