Southern Namibia

Travel to Southern Namibia – Ghost Towns, Fish River Canyon & Orange River

With the Atlantic Ocean, Namib Desert and Kalahari Desert as its borders, Southern Namibia is a land of wide open spaces and solitude offering a diversity of unique attractions ranging from historical buildings and ghost towns to fossils and quiver tree forests.

The area is sparsely populated and only occasionally will you spot a farm far off the gravel road; villages and towns are even more rare. You will see surface water only in the shape of the Orange River (Gariep), Namibia’s southern border, and in a few dams; rain is scarce and falls in small quantities. It is this very austerity which makes the south so fascinating. Unique plants like the quiver tree, halfmens or resurrection plant have adapted to this habitat. This is the home of Springbok, Oryx and Ostrich. Man, on the other hand, is often merely a guest, tolerated temporarily, like the deserted diamond settlements Pomona or Kolmanskuppe.

  • Hike the challenging Fish River Canyon Trail.
  • Relax in the soothing Ai-Ais Hot Springs after a long day hiking.
  • Spot all manner of wildlife such as kudu, gemsbok, springbok, Hartmann’s mountain zebra and red hartebeest.


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