Mountain Zebra National Park

Mountain Zebra

Travel to Mountain Zebra National Park – Spot Rare Mountain Zebras

Mountain Zebra National Park is situated 12 kilometres from Cradock and 280 kilomeres from Port Elisabeth,on the Middelburg-Graaf Reinet Road. It is a game reserve that consists of beautiful plains, scenic mountain landscapes, ravines with Karoo vegetation, wooded valleys and a rich variety of wildlife. Between 200 and 230 zebras are maintained in the park and an average of about 20 animals are relocated each year. Through the years, additional farms have been purchased to increase the size of the park to the current 200 square kilometres.

The park was proclaimed in 1937 to provide a nature reserve for the endangered Cape mountain zebra. The latter comprised only five stallions and one mare and was insufficient to expand the population. By 1950, only two stallions remained. A neighboring farmer improved the breeding pool by trading the park eleven zebras for blesbok.

By 1964, there were only 25 zebras in the Park. At this time, the park’s size was increased by 17.12 square kilometres to 65.36 square kilometres, adding more zebras to the park’s herd. From then on, the number of zebras increased steadily. In 1975, the zebras were re-introduced to the Western Cape at the De Hoop Nature Reserve.

The main attraction here is of course the rare mountain zebra, however, other mammals found in the boundaries of the park include caracal, cape buffalo, black rhino, eland, black wildebeest, red hartebeest, gemsbok, grey rhebok and cheetah. The park is also home to a rich variety of plant species of such as the Fynbos.

Activities at Mountain Zebra National Park include game viewing, nature hiking trails and hiking. Overnight hiking trails can also be arranged.

Relax by staying at the campsite or chalets in the park. At the campsite you’ll find a small restaurant or another popular option is to enjoy a barbecue (facilities are provided for this.)

You can use your own car to get around the park, however, your experience may be more rewarding if you use the hiking trails and get around on foot. It is completely safe due to the lack of dangerous animals and a map is available from the reception.

  • Spot rare mountain zebras.
  • Traverse the park on foot to see the wildlife up close.
  • Camp overnight in the park for a truly wild experience.


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