Travel to Harrismith – Adventure Activities Aplenty

Harrismith is a large town located at the base of a Platberg (flat mountain), halfway between Johannesburg and Durban. The city is an important crossroads in South Africa’s land trade routes and the centre of one of the five wool producing districts in Southern Africa.

The town was founded in 1849 by British Governor Harry Smith after whom it was named and who tried to persuade the disillusioned Voortrekkers not to abandon Natal. Unfortunately, its first location proved to be deficient in water and the town was moved to the present site in January 1850.

During the diamond rush at Kimberly, the town became a busy staging post on the Natal transport route and hotels, stores and public buildings sprang up. In 1892, the railway from Natal to Harrismith opened but due to politics did not go any further for several years. A major base during the Anglo Boer War, Harrismith has progressed since then to a charming, spacious town with several churches and public buildings.

Major landmarks in the city are the Harrismith Town Hall, the Harrismith Wildflower Gardens, the Platberg, the Harrismith Golf Course, Sterkfontein Dam, Kerkenberg, and Sterkfontein Dam. Nearby attarctions are the Retiefklip, the Drakensberg Mountains and the gorgeous golden coloured cliffs of the Golden Gate National Park.

Also in the city you’ll find annual events including the Berg Marathon, the Rhino Rally, the Bergbohaai Mountain Race and the Woodstock Musical Festival among others.

Harrismith offers its visitors a wide range of activities including 4×4 routes, hiking, skiing, fishing on nearby Srekfontein Dam, quad bike trails, a shooting range, trout fishing, bird watching and horse riding amongst others.

Relax by simply absorbing the atmosphere and meeting the locals. Or perhaps visit local cafes and restaurants to try the local cuisine. You can also go bird watching; a relaxing yet rewarding experience.

  • Choose from a number of cultural events to attend.
  • Horse ride, bike or hike for a taste of adventure.
  • Visit nearby attractions such as the beautiful Golden Gate National Park.


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