Kosi Bay Nature Reserve

African Fish Eagle

Travel to Kosi Bay Nature Reserve – Beautiful Pristine Lakes

The Kosi Bay Nature Reserve lies on the Elephant Coast in the northern part of KwaZulu-Natal, surrounding the unique and beautiful Kosi Bay lake system which is part of the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, a World Heritage Site. This system consists of four lakes and a series of inter connecting channels which eventually drain via a sandy estuary into the Indian ocean. Thanks to its series of lakes and nature reserve set amidst spectacular splendour and beauty, it is little wonder that the Kosi Bay Nature Reserve is such a popular tourist destination.

The nature Reserve was established in 1950 and extended in 1984. This is the most pristine lake system on the South African Coast.

The 11 000 hectare and 30 kilometre long reserve is a tropical paradise of limpid blue water and marshland, raffia, wild date and lala palm, mangrove swamp and sycamore fig forest that combine to provide a home for around 250 kinds of bird.

Kosi Bay is home to a large variety of birds and animals including fish eagle, palmnut vulture, night heron, purple and reed kingfisher, hippo, and crocodile. Humpback whales can be seen off the beaches on their northerly migration to calve in Mozambique and in December and January loggerhead and leatherback turtles come onto the beaches to lay their eggs in carefully prepared nests.

Visitors to the nature reserve can enjoy fishing, snorkelling, horse riding and guided walks. The walks take you around the lake system and explains local fishing methods, however, you must not walk around the park without a guide.

Relax by staying at one of the beautiful onsite lodges where you can truly absorb the atmosphere of this stunning and unique environment.

  • Relax in beautiful lodges and treehouse chalets.
  • Spot wildlife such as humpback whales, monkeys and eagles.
  • Try your hand at snorkelling and horse riding in a beautiful setting.


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